Artengo PR 190

Banner racket Artengo 190

Economical padel racket. Argento PR 190 padel racket.v

Type of play
Polyurethane and polyamide
Fibreglass and vinyl frame
Fibreglass and vinyl
Carbon Fibre

Here is a small analysis of the famous Decathlon racket Artengo PR 190. To begin with, we will say that it is a basic racket, whose strength lies in its price. In fact, it is a perfect racket for a player who does not yet know whether or not he or she will like this sport, and who is trying to get started without spending a lot of money.

But don’t think it’s only good for a couple of matches. It really is a very durable racket for such a cheap racket. In principle, the materials that make it up are basically fibreglass, polyurethane and polyamide. These materials make it very easy to handle as it weighs very little. In terms of ball control, this racket leaves much to be desired, but it is designed for players who could not get much more out of a racket with more control. But make no mistake, the racket gives a perfect performance, improving on previous versions of the Artengo.

I find this racket very recommendable for a beginner and sporadic player. Looking to enjoy padel without spending too much because it is a very cheap racket.

A racket of these characteristics, for a sporadic player who plays once a week, can perfectly take him/her to have it for a year. For such a low cost racket, it is perfect for beginner players. Types of players who, once they are defined on the court, will be able to learn to use a more advanced racket in the near future.Here you have a small manual to see what kind of shovel you will need.

Finally, here is a small manual in which a representative teaches us about the paddle and its characteristics.

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