Babolat Viper

Racket Babolat Viper Carbon
Babolat Viper Racket padel
Type of game
Black Eva Rubber

The Babolat Viper padel racket is the racket used by Juan Lebron on the World Padel Tour.

First of all, this is a racket that I personally find a bit difficult to adapt to. Because taking into account that it seems to me that with the wide range of racquets available, I understand that it is the racquet that must adapt to the player.

However, I must say that it is one of the few that is worth adapting to because, if you get it, you get a very powerful game. The racket has a high balance and a Black Eva rubber core, this suggests a small sweet spot and closer to the tip of the racket.

All these details, although it seems that they want to increase power by sacrificing control, nothing could be further from the truth. It is a racket that responds very well to the game near the net. The Full Carbon technology that covers both the face and the frame makes it a perfect racket for volleys and backhands to place the ball with power.

Technical features

Speaking of the face, we can not forget to talk about its 3D SPIN relief, which offers a variety of effects to make cuts or lifts and very good for the exit by 3.

If you look at the whole range, they all have a direct rib from the shaft to the blade. This is the new dynamic stability system that offers more robustness when going uphill.

Last but not least, let’s talk about the drilling pattern of the racket. It is an adidas system called Holes Pattern that increases performance.

As you can see, it is a racket that is very well thought out for playing close to the net, but if we stick to the glass, things change here. For those who are not used to the racket, you have to exaggerate a lot at the end of the shot for a lob to reach the bottom. But as I said at the beginning, it is worth getting used to this racket.

Finally, in the video below, you can see a small user manual for very advanced players, or a video to enjoy for lower level players. In it we see Juan Lebron how he uses the Babolat Viper. A racket made for a player like the wolf of Cadiz. I put special emphasis on the fact that there are a lot of cuts close to the net and you can see how he sometimes struggles to get balls out of the back court leaving short lobs that he then solves in a masterful way.

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