Bullpadel Hack 02

Racketa Bullpadel Hack 02
Padel racket Bullpadel Hack 02
Type of game
MultiEva Rubber

The Bullpadel Hack 02 padel racket is the racket used by Paquito Navarro on the World Padel Tour. In principle, we usually think that the blades have to sacrifice control to get power and vice versa. But in this case we are dealing with a racket that has managed to improve power and control since its last edition.

Technical characteristics

Indeed, it is a racket designed for high-level players or professionals who play with a lot of power and punch. It has a high balance and a larger Sweet Spot than its predecessor. And how do you get this magic trick? Bullpadel have redesigned their frames, now mounted Tricarbon carbon that makes you get more reaction to the punch but without sacrificing sweet spot. This carbon developed by Bullpadel brand is made of another fiber that is thinner so we get more ball feel as we can feel the core of the racket. Mounted Multieva rubber which consists of combining different types of Eva rubber.

Next, these blades have been fitted with a metalshield protector that adapts to the custom weight plate system. As a result of this system, we can adapt the balance of the racket to the game. The vibradrive system for vibration absorption has also been installed. And finally the Hack heart with nano paint for a more vivid range of colours.

We can’t forget to talk about the famous Hesacore grip, of course. The famous Bullpadel patented grip that reduces the tension in the grip to firstly reduce the effort during the game and finally makes us fall into fewer injuries.

En conclusión, una pala muy completa y con muchísimos detalles.

Next, you can see a small user manual for very advanced players, or a video to enjoy for players of lower levels. In which the Sevillian Paquito Navarro gives an el that if you look, you can see how the Bullpadel Hack 02 saves him in plays of bottom and helps him in cuts or in the powerful blows that Paquito has accustomed us.

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