Bullpadel Vertex 3 woman 21

Bullpadel Vertex 3.0 woman
Bullpadel Vertex 3.0 woman
Type of play
Fibre hybrid Fibrix

Here we bring you the Woman version of the Bullpadel Vertex. A racket that comes from the hand of the Brazilian Delfi Brea Senesi, an excellent hitter who plays with the ball at maximum power. As we have been saying about almost all women’s racquets, it is a racquet that is perfectly suited to a man. There is no notable difference between this racket and a diamond racket for men, apart from certain details of weight and colour. It is a racket that apart from power does not neglect control as it is a racket that uses very mixed materials so that at low speed the ball goes where we need it to go and at high speed the power can be absorbed to place the ball.

Technical features

The Bullpadel Vertex Woman is a racket of maximum power and high performance has a greater output by the new Air React Channel system, which is a system that leaves the structure of the heart of the racket hollow for greater reaction in the output of the ball and greater precision in the blow.

The racket has two cores, an inner core of Eva rubber and an outer core of Fibrix hybrid fibre. The frame is 100% carbon fibre. In addition to the Vertex core, it has a vibration absorption system (Vibradrive system) and comes with an adhesive protector for hits against glass or mesh.

The face of the racket is roughened for slice, topspin and spin shots, which Bullpadel calls the Top Spin System.

Here below you can see Delfi with the racket in the Adeslas open de Madrid 2021. The summary is not wasted but Delfi begins to demonstrate how to play with the racket from minute 1,20. And, *attention expoiler* he gets into the semifinals.

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