Head Graphene 360 Alpha Motion

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Alpha Motion graphen 360
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As its name suggests, the Head Alpha Motion is a racket designed to be easy to swing. And it is very well achieved. It is a racket made for a player who demands precision, touch and comfort. The racket is characterised by a lot of manoeuvrability and versatility, as it helps us in a great way to get balls out of the bottom and power at the net.

Technical features

There are many characteristics that make this racket and technologies of this racket that make it a versatile racket considered a female racket, simply because it is a female player, but it is a racket that works perfectly for both boys and girls and with a lot of efficiency. Whether you are a hitter or hitter, as if you are more defensive or defensive.

As the name suggests, the entire face and frame is made of graphene. A material a little stiffer than carbon, making that even having a core of Eva rubber the racket prints a lot of power in powerful shots or when receiving very heavy balls.

The core is made of power foam. A type of Eva rubber that the Head brand uses that behaves in a more rigid way. All this means that the racket has a great ball output despite the fact that it does not have a soft feel and the characteristic drum sound is not heard. In addition, the combination of graphene and eva rubber provides a very large sweet spot.

The bridge and the frame are specifically made of graphene with intertwined fibres that give it lightness when handling the racket but rigidity when hitting.

Finally, the racket is coated with a polymer that absorbs vibrations and is resistant to scratches, which makes the racket last longer. And a protector that absorbs possible bumps and scratches against the wall or glass.

In the video below, we have the Ari Sanchez spot for Head padel Alpha Motion. A pretty funny ad with the same tone as Sanyo Gutierrez in which after the commercial we can see how Ari throws one of his trays. On the web, we can find many examples of Ari in his matches and examples of playing with Head graphene.

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