Head Graphene 360 Alpha Pro

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Padel racket Head Graphene alpha pro
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Introducing Sanyo Gutierrez’s new racket for the World Padel Tour, the versatile Head Graphene Alpha Pro.

This racket is totally defined by its versatility, and is set to be one of the best rated racquets of 2021.

Technical characteristics

To begin with, although it may seem that this is a control racket due to its large sweet spot and teardrop shape, it turns out that the graphene that covers both the face and the frame give it both stability and hitting power typical of power racquets.

It is a racket designed for professional or very advanced players, as at first it may seem that the ball escapes when it touches the racket. But in a short time we will end up adapting to it and with the danger that after adapting to this racket, it will be difficult to return to another racket of a different type.

Again we find a contrast in this racket as it has a low balance, but with a Power Foam core developed by Head that gives a typical control racket a power that does not seem to be for this type of racket.

If we look at its drilling, we will see again the versatility of this racket. With an arrangement of holes that give control, but a graphene braiding that gives it power.

Last but not least, the smart bridge and the anti-shock which again give us little vibration to control the ball, but a bridge that adapts to every type of game.

In the video below, you can see the commercial for the Head Alpha Graphene Pro, which Head have produced with Sanyo and a touch of humour.

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