Kombat SAS control

Kombat SAS caught
Padel racket Kombat SAS control
Type of gameplay
Eva rubber
Aluminised fibreglass

The Kombat SAS control padel racket is the racket used by Nacho Gadea on the World Padel Tour. This is a racket that works great on the back court. It gives a ball feel that generates a great sensation of control. The coating of the racket gives it some power that can be felt in trays, but it doesn’t reach the power of the teardrop racquets in volleys.

It is a great racket if you are a back court player who likes to control the game. This does not mean that by using a racket of this style, we will not be able to go up. Even to be able to do damage in attack.

This type of racket is highly recommended for players who have been playing and want to advance their level of play. Since you can make very well controlled attacks. These are types of attacks in which you are not looking to get the ball out or to surprise by speed. But when you accelerate the ball with these rackets, the diamond blades will cost us less effort. But if we change from a round racket to a diamond racket, we will notice a lot of penalties on lobs and back court.

Technical characteristics

The Kombat SAS control racket has a round shape with a very large sweet spot.

Although it is a round racket, it also offers a good ball exit. This is due to the fact that its face is covered with a layer of aluminised fibreglass.

It still maintains the previous features of Eva rubber, 100% carbon tubular and Alutex flats.

Here you have a very interesting video, as well as testing the Kombat rackets, we can get a feeling of how the ball comes in professional matches. Notice how the trajectory of the ball changes to play cross-court at dizzying speeds. In this way, it is understandable that many tour players choose control racquets.

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