Paddle Club: Padel Malaga Indoor

Panoramic view of the Padel Malaga Indoor courts

The following is a list of the services offered by the Malaga Indoor Padel Club.


Cafeteria of the Padel Malaga Indoor club

Padel Malaga Indoor is strategically located, as it is very close to the university campus of Malaga.

It has many services, including: gym, shop, playroom and even a barber’s shop.

Barbershop at the Padel Malaga Indoor Club

The club maintains a very active community of players, where you can find players of all levels to prepare for your matches.

Club Padel Malaga Indoor Shop

Padel Malaga Indoor is a very well located club, as you can get there by various types of public transport but if you go with your own vehicle, it will not be easy to find a place to park.

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