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Fisio Marconi and PadelCostadelSol invite you to participate in the quick tournament that we celebrate on May 15th at 10.30 am in the morning at Club la Finura in Malaga.

The tournament will consist of 5 games of 20 minutes, and all of them will be played.

Phases of the rapid tournament

The tournament will consist of 2 phases:

First group phase where 2 groups will be made and we will have 3 matches to classify these groups in a table.

Odd Evens
Couple 1 Couple 2
Couple 3Couple 4
Couple 5Couple 6
Couple 7Couple 8

Second phase where a semi-final will be played first against second in each group, and third against fourth in each group.

Cross groups.
Match 1Couple 1 vs couple 4
Match 2Couple 3 vs couple 2
Match 3Couple 5 vs couple 8
Match 4Couple 7 vs couple 6

Finally a last final match with the winners.

Group matches
FinalWinner of match 1 vs Winner of match 2
3rd and 4th placeLoser of match 1 vs Loser of match 2
Last places 1Winner of match 3 vs Winner of match 4
Last places 2Loser of Match 3 vs Loser of Match 4


  • The winners of the final will receive a voucher for a 30′ session at the Marconi Physiotherapy Clinic, located in Calle Marconi in Fuengirola. The session will be subject to prior appointment with the clinic.
  • The runners up, (who lose the final match), will get a cash refund of the tournament fee. In this case 10 € to each player of the couple because Fisio Marconi and Padelcostadelsol are launching this tournament with an offer of 10 € per participant.
  • Finally and so that we do not lose steam in the rest of the matches, we have a t-shirt for the winners of the match of last places 1.

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