Mijas: Mijas Padel Indoor

inseide club

Icono teléfono +34 646 54 85 49

  • 3 glazed padel courts
  • Coffe bar
  • Booking by phone or in person.

There is little to say about the Mijas padel indoor club. If you want to play a game in a perfect place for paddle tennis with good courts, no hassle of sun, rain or wind. This is the club for you. It has few extra services, little more than a sufficient changing room, a basic cafeteria where you won’t lack anything, and you can even buy paddle material: paddle blades, grips or last minute balls. If you need a court to play the most professional game possible we recommend Mijas padel lndoor. The club also has a community of high level players, if you need a partner to set up a match let them know. If you can’t find a clue in this club, click here.

The club is located in a warehouse in the industrial estate of Las Lagunas, in Calle Camino Hera. It is not an easy club to find if you don’t know the area, and we recommend going by car or motorbike, the club does not have its own parking, but it is not difficult to find a place nearby.

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