Mijas: Raquetas de Mijas

Banner of the Mijas Racquets Club
Aerial view of the racquets club of mijas

Icono teléfono +34951 001 111

  • 6 glazed and covered paddle tennis courts
  • Cafeteria and restaurant
  • Booking by phone, in person or playtomic
  • Parking

The Mijas Racquets Club is one of the most versatile clubs on the Costa del Sol. The club has 6 semi covered glass paddle courts (attention this is not indoors, it is a roof that covers an outdoor court. It serves to protect from rain and sun but not from wind and humidity) But if you want to look for an indoor club I recommend you to visit this link. There is a large community of players and the club itself holds tournaments, pools and mixing. The club also has paddle classes for all levels.

But this club, in addition to paddle tennis, offers many more activities such as: Tennis, Hockey, gymnasium, martial arts, etc.

Within the Raquetas de Mijas club there is also a children’s ball park, and a bar-terrace for players who wish to spend a day playing paddle tennis with their families.

The club is on the roadside, so it is quite easy to find but can only be reached by car.

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