New partner for the 2021 tournament

Adanay Santana y Cristian y Gutierrez

Although it might seem that the pairings were already chosen for the next World Padel Tour 2021 tournament, this Monday we have been surprised by this new duo that will fight in this tournament 2021. Aday Santana and Cristian Gutierrez, come together for the new season. The new couple of the 78 generation.

Padel player Santana

Aday Santana He had a difficult 2020 season, changing partners three times, and reaching the eighth round as his best result.

Padel player Gutiérrez

Cristian Gutiérrez, also had a difficult 2020 which also saw him change his partner and obtain his best result of the season in the round of 16.

The new pairing will start the tournament in 22nd place to show that experience, dedication and classic padel also have a place among the new pairings in the tournament.

From we wish a lot of luck to the couple that will have one of the most experienced forehands of the World Padel Tour tournament, Cristian Gutierrez has demonstrated on many occasions that he is able to get impossible balls from the bottom, and balls from the net itself. On his left side, a player like Aday Santana who has offensive tools in his bag both in the air and at the net.

I highly recommend the 2nd of these great tips to which Cristian Gutiérrez has accustomed us.

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