Nox AT10

Padel racket NOX AT10 GENIUS
Padel racket NOX AT10 GENIUS
Type of gameplay
Ultra Soft EVA Rubber
Carbon Fibre

Here we have the NOX AT10 genius padel racket. To begin with, it is the racket used by Agustín Tapia on the World Padel Tour circuit. In reality, it is a racket designed for advanced or professional players, but it is quite grateful to adapt to a game more of control than power. For this reason, we can see the teardrop shape that gives it a low balance. However, apart from providing a 10/10 in control, it can perform very well in powerful strokes. Because it has a wide sweet spot, but not as wide as the rest of the control rackets, and a low balance but not as low as the total control rackets, it may seem that it is a racket for beginners. But this racket requires a bit of experience to get the most out of it at the net. Translated with (free version)

Technical characteristics

The NOX AT10 is made entirely of 100% carbon and is contained in a Dynamic Composit Structure frame. A type of frame that Nox assembles that lowers the face up to 4 cm of the frame to reduce the difference in hardness and save fibres from breaking when the core is deformed. This core is made of high density EVA HR3 rubber.

While the core is made of Eva HR3 rubber, the sides are made of 12k Carbon, which forms an interlacing of the fibres forming squares that increase the durability of the racket.

Finally, it has the oversize grip system, which gives more length to the grip to facilitate the grip, and it also has an Anti Vibration System to prevent injuries.

Finally, here is a small user manual for advanced players, or a tasting video for lower level players. Here we see Tapia showing off the Nox AT10 and hitting impossible balls.

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