Nox MP10

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Nox mp 10 Padel Racket
Type of play
Medium – advanced
HR3 Core
Carbon 3K

The Nox MP10. The racket that Nox has designed for Maria del Pilar Sanchez Alayeto, known as Mapi Sanchez the drive player of the duo “Atomic Twins. Hence the name of the racket, which follows Nox’s custom of naming its racquets after the player who is behind it. In the end, it is a round version of the AT 10 by Agustín Tapia, with a control and ball feel that far surpasses many round padel racquets. From the baseline, it has enough exit to take the lobs to the back of the court or to pass low balls over the net in a very stable way like Marta Ortega’s adipower. But without deforming in the volleys, as the adipower gives the feeling that the ball goes into the racket, in this case we see how the ball comes out with precision where we need to place it.

The racket has a spectacular design. Carbon seen, the details in aquamarine blue and with the X of NOX iridescent

Technical characteristics

The Nox MP10 racket has a round shape which gives it a large sweet spot like all racquets with a round shape.

The core is made of high density HR3 rubber, which increases the stiffness in the net giving more power to the shots.

The frame is made of carbon and has an AVS anti vibration system for off-centre hits.

Nox has also added up to 4 cm more material on the outside of the racket so that off-centre hits do not cause the typical breakage of the racket in these areas.

A heavier weight carbon thread is used on the face, interlacing 3k carbon and forming squares to increase the durability of the racket. In addition, a plastic relief is printed with a bath of silica particles that form a hard and rough face to increase the spin in cut, lift and spin shots.

The strap is like the ones that Nox is using in the latest racquets, with a flat part so that it does not cost the circulation and it should be noted that the handle or grip is a little longer than usual to increase grip and grip changes.

What better than to see this racket in action with its author Mapi Sanchez in the final of the World Padel Tour tournament.

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