Paddle Club: PSM Fantasy Malaga

Photo of the centre court area of the PSM Fantasy Padel Club

The following is a list of the services provided by the PSM Fantasy Malaga Padel Club.


PSM Fantasy is an indoor club that has one great quality, and that is that no attempt has been made to put courts where they don’t fit.

It is a club with 6 indoor glassed courts, where the courts between them do not disturb each other as there is enough space.

It does not have many services but it has the necessary ones to play padel without problems of heat, sun, wind or rain.

Outside view of the terrace of the cafeteria of the PSM Fantasy padel club in Malaga.

It has paddle courts, a cafeteria and a shop.

If you want to play a good game, this is the club for you.

PSM Fantasy is located very close to the fairgrounds of Malaga, so that almost all public transport is available to reach the club.

View of the padel accessories shop at the PSM Fantasy club in Malaga.

The club does not have a parking lot, but you will have no problem parking in the area. Unless you are on the dates of the Malaga fair.

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