Padel around the world

Hurawalhi Hotel Resort in the Maldives

It is becoming more and more common to see padel courts, clubs and padel matches on TV. In fact, although it was born as a sport in Mexico, the places where it is most practiced are Spain and Argentina. It is being exported to more and more places and countries, and where it arrives it is here to stay.

Nowadays we can see paddle courts in urbanisations and clubs, but we are seeing more and more courts being built in stadiums, monuments and idyllic and paradisiacal places.

Here is a series of surprising places where you can find paddle tennis courts:

Sarah Vande Berg Tennis & Wellness Center (EEUU)

Aerial view of the facilities of the Sarah Vande Berg Tennis & Wellness Center

In this case it is one of the most emblematic tennis centres in existence. And as in many cases, the old tennis clubs leave a little room for padel.

Deventer Padel (Netherlands)

Holand Deventer Padel

Inside a skating rink, we find the Deventer Padel with a spectacular roof and located in the Netherlands.

Argentario Golf Resort & Spa (Italy)

Argentario Golf Resort & Spa (Italy)

A place of luxury, peace and tranquillity. The Argentario Golf Resort & Spa club offers multiple services for relaxation, inner peace and paddle tennis. >Here you can play surrounded by nature, golf courses and enjoy the SPA.

Padel Helsinki (Finland)

Finland Pádel Helsinki

Going into the forest in Helsinki, we can find this peculiar club where we can practice paddle in the nature, in a fairytale place. As long as the weather conditions allow us to do so.

Globen Padel (Sweden)

The world’s largest spherical building, known for hosting major concerts and world-class events, currently houses a 14-court paddle tennis club. Since the health situation does not allow for such large events, we could not think of a better way to make use of this space.

XL Marina (Sweden)

One of the most beautiful views of Stockholm harbor, believe it or not, is from a wonderful paddle tennis court. Specifically from the court on top of the XL Marina building.

Resort Hurawalhi (Maldivas)

Resort hotelero Hurawalhi en las Maldivas

In this rapid expansion of paddle tennis, we have seen some exhibition of a player stirring our desire to go to the Maldives and experience the world of paddle tennis.

Non Solo Neve (Italy)

Non Solo Neve

In the high mountains of Italy, not only skiing, there is also an expanding ski slope.

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