Padelnuestro, arrives to Sweden

padelnuestro shop
Travel from Murcia to Helsinbog

The famous Murcian franchise Padelnuestro, begins to open its market in Sweden. The franchise has basically specialized staff to serve padel players.

Our padel group opens its shop in the Väla Centrum shopping centre in Helsingbog (Sweden), taking advantage of the popularity and great acceptance that padel is having in this country. Helsingbog is to Sweden what Marbella is to Spain, it is a tourist area in the south of the country where there is a type of tourism that seeks luxury.

As in the rest of the shops, we can find a wide range of textile products, paddles, shoes, etc. In addition to the recommendations of players and fans who can advise us.

Congratulations Padel Nuestro, padel conquers Viking lands.

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