Result of the Adeslas Madrid World Padel Tour

Winner cuples of Madrid Adeslas World Padel Tour

The World Padel Tour Madrid tournament has come to an end leaving a very good taste of padel. From the Wizink Center in Madrid we get the images with full houses in the stands and very good padel on the court. Where the pairings formed for this tournament have shown a very good season.

There have been a few surprises, both inside and outside the tournament.

World Padel Tour final matches

We start with the final, where we found two great final matches where the pairings gave absolutely everything.

From our congratulations to the couples Paula JoseMaria/Ariana Sanchez and Bela/Sanyo. And also to the couples Lucía Sainz/Bea Gonzalez and Franco Stupazuk/Alex Ruiz for their second place. Our special mention as Costa Soleños to Alex Ruiz and Bea Gonzalez, we hope that in Alicante they will be at least as good as in this one.

Madrid Adeslas Padel Semi Finals

Madrid Adeslas Padel Round of 16

Perfect synchronization of the couple Bela-Sanyo. A machine that works perfectly oiled, and that reaches the final against the revelation couple of the Madrid Adeslas Open.


A clash of titans in the semifinals of the women’s draw between favourites Alejandra and Gemma and a pairing with an unstoppable run, Lucia and Bea, who will take the pass to the finals. Where they will meet Ari and Paula after a match that they took from the start against Delfi and Tamara who despite playing at 200 per cent couldn’t beat their rivals.

Madrid Adeslas Padel Quarter finals

Madrid Adeslas Padel Round of 16

Great surprise of the new duo Franco Stupaczuk and Alejandro Ruiz, who left out the number one of the tournament. It seems that the Malagueños will give a lot to talk about this year.


After the scares in the last sixteen, we have more normal results in the quarter finals. But with some exciting matches. Congratulations also to Bea from Malaga and good luck in the next matches.

Octavos Madrid Adeslas Pádel

Madrid Adeslas Padel Round of 16

We already have the first couple in the quarterfinals after a thrilling match that ended with Lamperti and Coello Manso against Yanguas Diez and Del Campo.


On the women’s side of the tournament, the draw is now complete with a thrilling match between Aranzazu Osorio and Victoria Iglesias, who have left the Martas out of the competition in their first match.

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