Siux Pegasus Silver

Siux Pegasus Silver padel racket banner
Paddle racket Siux Pegasus Silver
Type of play
Mixed control and power
Advanced Professional
High Resistance 5 Lamination EVA Soft.
Bitubular Carbon-Kevlar

The Siux Pegasus silver padel racket is the new racket that Uri Botello will use as a novelty of the World Padel Tour circuit. We are talking about a very aggressive and technological racket as we are used to from this brand. The new Pegasus comes in two models, the black and the silver and differs from its predecessor Pegasus Luxury in the two-tubular that in this case is made of Carbon-Kevlar.

This is a racket made of very powerful materials but with an extended balance and sweet spot compared to diamond racquets.

This racket is designed for expert players and high competition, but it is also a good racket for mid-level players who want to print power in their game.

Technical characteristics

The Siux Pegasus is a racket with a teardrop shape, which lowers the balance and greatly expands the sweet spot and the feeling of control. But it is not at all what it seems, as the racket is made of materials that give it a lot of power.

The Carbon-Kevlar twin tube; the Eva Soft 5-laminations High Recovery core, which is a rubber that, despite hitting powerful balls, recovers its shape faster; the Carbon Tex Titanium 21K face, which increases the flexibility of the shots and also its matt finish and rough surface for printing effects.

A very small summary that doesn’t do it justice, but we could talk for hours about the details of this racket.

Below I leave you a very long video where we have Uri Botello adjusting his tray with the new Siux. As you can see it is a racket that releases the ball so much that if we don’t find the point, it will make many of them go to the back wall.

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