Starvie Metheora

Starvie Metheora Padel Racket
Paddle racket starvie Metheora
Type of game controlLevel Advanced Professional
Core. 100% CarbonFrame
Form RoundFace Carbon
Balance. UnderYear 2021

Here we have the control racket par excellence, the Starvie Metheora. This is the renewed version that will take this year Mati Diaz ‘The Warrior’, a classic of the World Padel Tour, one of the most experienced and not satisfied with just any racket. It is a model that includes the new Starvie heart to improve vibration absorption.

Technical characteristics

The Starvie Metheora is Starvie’s round control ga. It is the typical round racket with soft rubber that has a sweet spot totally located in the centre of the racket and offers optimal control.

It is a racket with a rough surface, which offers great control in the effect as this roughness is provided directly from the mould. This means that it is not like other racquets where a layer of carbon is attached and a relief is provided, but it is directly printed on the mould of the racquet.

Como decíamos más arriba, viene con el Start Balance en el corazón de la pala para equilibrar el peso y mejorar el balance y la absorción de los impactos de la bola.

Finally, it comes with two layers of carbon on the face to increase durability against possible blows. Which is great, as the main problem with the control shaft is that, being soft, it tends to crack between the blades very easily.

In the following video I leave you the advertising spot of the racket, I think it is a spot where you can see quite well the characteristics of the racket because “The Warrior” has not yet shown us how he is playing with it in a match.

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