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Varlion LW
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Medium – avanced
Foam Hypersoft

Here we have the famous Varlion LW Summun is the racket that will carry Jeremy Scatena in the World Padel Tour circuit after De la Cruz Belluati left the team. Varlion rackets are well known and feared in the clubs on the Costa del Sol. In particular, the round control blades give a lot of security when sending lobs from the glass. It gives a ball touch that with little we do we can place a ball perfectly in the bottom again to go up to the net.

Although we understand that it is a control racket, it is also a racket designed to play in attack. Professional racquets can not leave aside such an important point, and although it is not the cannon that is achieved with its sister the Varlion canon. The volleys are very respectable.

Varlion for 2021, has brought to the market two padel racquets of each model. One ‘S’ and one ‘W’, with specific characteristics for summer and winter. Since in these dates, the temperature differences can change the characteristics of the core rubber and make the game different.

Technical characteristics

The Varlion LW Summun racket has a round shape that gives it a large sweet spot. 70% of the face is sweet spot and the rest by removing the edges do not penalize.

The frame is hexagonal like the typical Varlion shape which provides greater rigidity and resistance to the racket.

The hexagonal shape is also printed on the 12k carbon face to make creating topspin and slice easier.

The Summun technology is a set of features that encompasses the new Varlion series: Longer grip, Wings Diffuser, larger hitting surface, greater height and rough texture surface.

Lastly, I would like to talk about its drilling. It has a very specific drilling that includes different sizes of holes to compensate for the excessive flexibility of the racket in the core and thus homogenise the hits that do not come from the sweet spot.

We could talk for many more hours about the features of the Summun, but a picture is worth a thousand words. So I leave a video where Varlion show us the main features of the racket. As you can see it is a brand that although it seems to be out of the World Padel Tour circuit, it assembles its rackets very well and it is very very inside. They are highly recommended for non-professional players.

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